Monday 12/02/2018 – February 12, 2018

Monday 12/02/2018

Movement Prep
2 x
200m run @65%
14 Heal to ground
20 sec L hold with scissors (seated)
15 Banded pull aparts (5 normal 5 cross body 5 cross body)

Strength & Conditioning
Metcon (AMRAP – Rounds)
(Every 2 minutes for 4 Rounds)
200m Sprint
20 Hollow rocks (shoulder blades cannot touch the ground at any point)

* scored on amount of rounds completed to standard

Metcon (Time)
2 Rounds
30/24 Cal
12 Hang power snatches 42.5/30
6 Bar muscle ups

40 Burpee over bar

2 Rounds
400m Run
12 OH Squats 42.5/30
6 m Handstand walk

* Scaled gymnastic movement will include a progression which will be demonstrated in class or Strict pull ups/Bar & HS walk for 2 wall climbers

3 x (superset)
12 Reverse grip barbel curls
6 Ring Muscle up transitions from toes (if you can jumping ring muscle ups on high rings)

* Focus on tight rotation under fatigue and attempt fully weighted dip to finish each rep

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