CrossFit SPEED – Bootcamp

35min: Metcon (Time)

team of 3

24 thrusters 24 dumbell snatches

24 burpee box jump overs 24 wall ball sit ups

24 knees to elbows 24 vsits

24 burpee over bar 24 burpee to target

24 hand release push ups 24 burpee broad jumps

24 strict pull ups 24 Front squats

24 goblet squats 24 push press

24 sit to stand 24 elephant push ups

24 mountain climbers 24 kb reverse lunges

24 reverse goblet lunges 24 jump squats

24 renagae rows 24 toes through rings

24 kb high pulls 24 single arm ring rows

one athlete to be on the rower must complete 24 cals once completed the cals jump off and each athlete must stop the movement and compete 6 man makers as a team then continue for another 24 cals accumulating total cals at end

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