Exciting times lie ahead for Breaking Point Fitness & CrossFit S.P.E.E.D and in the end the winners are YOU! OUR MEMBERS.

We are pleased to announce that we have new Owners – The Earl Family. 

Anthony, Tracey, Michael and Nicole have an unparalleled passion for the community, services and facilities that are provided to you here at Breaking Point Fitness & CrossFit S.P.E.E.D.  They are keen on building further on the already amazing business that Darren has created over the last 8 years of operation.  Michael will take over as manager/trainer supported by his fitness team. 

As you know – Michael is already a senior Trainer and Coach with Anthony, Tracey and Nicole being long-term members.

The team are here to help support, motivate and encourage YOUR HEALTHY LIFESTYLE choices and look forward to expanding and developing the services and facilities further, building a renowned, industry leading CrossFit and Fitness Centre.

The team includes;

  • Michael Earl – Manager, Head Coach, CrossFit Level 1 Trainer and Personal Trainer
  • Tracey Earl – Client Relations Officer
  • Deborah Mawhinney – Group Fitness Instructor & Personal Trainer
  • And a new addition to the family; Ben Atkins – CrossFit Level 1 Trainer and long term member
  • Candice and Emma – Kids Club
  • More new announcements to follow


A message from Michael

“This is EXCITING.  We have an unbelievable opportunity to further develop an amazing business and give back to dedicated members and staff, a great fitness facility.  This has been a passion of mine for a number of years and I see the opportunity now.  I have watched not only the business but members develop, progress and overcome amazing challenges.  Taking this to the next level will be our focus which we can all achieve together, not only as a gym but a community.  We have a large number of new and exciting ideas that are planned to be implemented over the coming months to the benefit of our members.  Enjoy your training” - Michael Earl


We look forward to working together with you, improving facilities, programs and services so Breaking Point Fitness & CrossFit S.P.E.E.D continues to be, what many call, their second home.

See you there!

The Earl Family

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Breaking Point Fitness and CrossFit S.P.E.E.D in North Lakes.  Extensively and fully equipped gym and open box.  No joining fee's and no hidden expenses makes us the best value for money training facility on the Northside of Brisbane.  Group fitness classes consist of CrossFit, Caveman Training, Boot Camps, Hells Playground and Open Gym to train yourself.  Highly and above industry standard personal trainers and coaches. Gym provides an excellent facility for personal trainers and clients.