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How should we view our 1RM or Maximum Strength (MxS) in its application to sporting and physical performance?  Essentially the higher our MxS the easier it becomes to produce larger power outputs.  Look at this example for instance.  Say you have two weightlifters competing in the clean & Jerk.  Lifter A can deadlift 300kg and Lifter B can deadlift 200kg.  Now lets say their competition has progressed and they are both about to take their turn lifting 150kg.  Who do you think is going to have it easier getting the weight to move off the ground?

Each week Breaking Point trains over 400 clients, who are enjoying fantastic results. These people have the fortune of getting attention from a trainer every time they exercise, but what about those of you who train at home alone or at the gym. How do you know if you’re maximising your training sessions? 

Abs - Trim that Tummy

Firstly, I would just like to mention that everybody has abs, it’s just the size of the soft ‘protective coating’ over the top that varies from person to person!  So now that we know our abs are definitely in there somewhere, what is the best way to bring them out this summer?  

Well I can guarantee straight away that most of you are thinking ‘crunches, and lots of them’, but that’s just not true! If that was all it took then everybody could manage that 6 pack and no one would ever be seen with a ‘beer belly’ again! 

     “I want to lose weight!” Without a doubt these 5 words are the single biggest reason for people starting a new exercise program. This is absolutely fine! It’s a great goal if that’s what motivates you to continue training and create a healthier lifestyle for yourself. 

Weight alone however, is not always the best method for measuring your success! Sure it works on The Biggest Loser, but unless you’re in that extremely obese category, training 36 hours a week and living in a mansion with trainers and dieticians following you around, you need to consider a few other options when tracking your results. 

The award winning Breaking Point and CrossFit S.P.E.E.D boasts a fantastic team of personal trainers and instructors, each qualified above and beyond industry standards. Including a client relations officer.  Read more to check out each of our trainers qualifications and experience.


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