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Hells Playground Same Sex Pairs Comp

  Beginners      Intermediate       RX 


Cost       - $105 per pair

When    - Saturay 4th February, 2017

Time      - 2pm til 9pm

Registration 1.30pm, Briefing 2:00pm

Start: 2.30pm


Registration via Eventzilla link below 



Which Division are you?

These standards are no indication of intended work outs. They are only to be used as a guideline when determining decisions when registering.

Beginners - Sound knowledge and competency of the basic lifts - DeadLift, Power Clean, Push Press, Sumo DeadLift High Pull etc at a maximum 30kg (depending on the movement).  Ring rows and knee raises, step ups and basic Kettlebells.  No pull ups, no TTB, no overly heavy weights!

Cleans 50/35kg
Snatch 40/25kg
Jumping Pull Ups
Strict Dumbell Press

Intermediate - Good knowledge of all basic CrossFit movements, Ability to complete some benchmark workouts RX but maybe not all.  Will need to be able to complete pull ups and TTB and box jumps, plus hit a 10 foot wall ball target.  In general, a solid athlete who is maybe just not able to perform the more technical movements such as muscle ups, pistols, hand stand walks etc.

Cleans 60/40kg
Snatch 50/35kg
Rope Climbes 15/12foot
Chest to Bar
Kipping HSPU

RX - Excellent knowledge and competency through all CrossFit movements.  Prepared (and able) to take on the more technical movements and heavier weights.  Can complete all Benchmark and most Hero WODS as prescribed.

Cleans 70/50kg
Snatch 60/40kg
Rope Climbes 15/15foot
Chest to Bar
Toes to Bar
Strict HSPU


Waiver Release CrossFit SPEED



Breaking Point Fitness and CrossFit S.P.E.E.D in North Lakes.  Extensively and fully equipped gym and open box.  No joining fee's and no hidden expenses makes us the best value for money training facility on the Northside of Brisbane.  Group fitness classes consist of CrossFit, Caveman Training, Boot Camps, Hells Playground and Open Gym to train yourself.  Highly and above industry standard personal trainers and coaches. Gym provides an excellent facility for personal trainers and clients.